Spotlight on Sara Bynoe

by Sarah Taylor on November 3, 2008

Originally published in the Vancouver Actor’s Guide January 2006 newsletter.

Like many people in Vancouver, Sara, is trying desperately to break into the performing arts scene and she knows that with perseverance she will find a way to do it all. She has found success to date in Theatre, Film, poetry and comedy. She says, “stick with what you enjoy doing because you never know where it will take you.” Here’s her story.

Born and raised in Alberta, Sara spent much of her life in Calgary. She graduated from the Theatre program at Mount Royal College in 2000, which gave her just a taste of what was yet to come. Following graduation, she performed in a few small projects including work for the Shakespeare company and numerous independent films. Throughout her program she decided that she would join the website phenomenon and create what was initially meant to be a data base but developed into a successful career. This is where was born!

Sara took the plunge and moved to Vancouver in 2001 to continue her studies in theatre at Studio 58, at Langara College. After hiring a Literary Agent, her side project rapidly became much more than that. Elizabeth Bewley, a publisher at the time for St Martins Press contacted her about turning her website into a book. This is where all of Sara’s hard work and perseverance came together. Teen Angst: A celebration of REALLY BAD poetry was released in April by St Martin’s Press only months after she graduated. Sara released her book in New York which started her book tour across the country. She jokes that she became a “media whore” because she had articles showcasing her book all over the country. That’s not all the success Sara has had.

For her final project at Studio 58 Sara wrote Sparkle Bunny: The Last Raver Dancing. This became a solo show which was a character study; a dying rave scene meets tragic clown piece. Sara took Sparkle Bunny: The Last Raver Dancing, to Calgary, Victoria and the Vancouver Fringe Festivals where it was very successful. Following the book launch Sara has subsequently been asked to perform as ,what she calls, “a real life poet” in the West Coast Poetry Festival and in Word on the Street.

Sara’s future plans are to adapt the story of “Sparkle Bunny”, into a short film. She is also currently working on a musical based on Teen Angst Poetry, as well as continuing to host Teen Angst Poetry Nights here in Vancouver. These nights must be a hit because she says “that I have recently come to know that this idea of a public mortification night has been gaining popularity for the past few years with several other groups around North America having similar nights, basically I am being copied.” As if she doesn’t have enough to keep her busy but Sara will also be going back to her hometown of Calgary in January to be part of the High Performance Rodeo, a group that have adapted her Teen Angst Poetry into a stage play.

Whether it’s people coping her poetry nights, adapting her website into books and plays or creating a short film out of a school project, Sara has surely found her niche in the Performing Arts World here in Vancouver. She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and goals and thanks VAG for keeping people connected as an up to date resource. She says that “going to the indie auditions is a great experience. You get to go through the learning process with others who are doing the same.” Keep your eyes and ears open for Sara Bynoe, I’m sure she will find much more success to come.

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