Did you know you get paid for callbacks?

by Kenji Maeda on February 9, 2009

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I’ve talked to a lot of actors over the years and many (particularly non-union actors) are unaware that you can actually get paid to audition… for Union productions.

Do you have to be a UBCP/ACTRA member?  No, but the Film, TV, or Commercial production must be a union production.

There are specific guidelines that are followed and Commercial productions are treated a bit different than Film & TV.

For Union Commercials, you are entitled to receive $50 per diem for your second and subsequent auditions.  And if you are delayed by more than an hour from your call time (whether it’s the first audition or a callback), you are also entitled to compensation.

Below is an excerpt from the National Commercial Agreement with specific details:


Read the full documents at:
National Commercial Agreement
Memorandum of Settlement ACTRA National Commercial Agreement

Section 9 – PERFORMER AUDITIONS (as of Feb 9 2009)

906 Fee for Being Detained in Audition
A Performer who is detained by the Engager for more than one (1) hour on an audition/interview shall be compensated for all excess time over the hour at the rate of $69.00 (*new rate as of Dec 1 2008) per hour or part thereof.

In order to entitle the Performer to compensation, the call for an interview must be for a definite time and must have been requested by the Engager. If the audition is on time and the Performer is more than ten (10) minutes late, he/she shall not be entitled to any compensation. If the Performer is late, but his/her time slot has yet to be called to audition, then he/she shall be entitled to compensation, with the one-hour audition window beginning at the Performer’s sign-in time.

907 Callback Audition Fee
(a) Performers may be called back for a second and subsequent audition, in which case each Performer shall receive $50.00 per diem per callback audition as reimbursement for their expenses incurred.

As for Film & TV Union Auditions, you’re also compensated if there’s more than an hour delay for your audition, but paid Call Backs start from the third audition.


Excerpt from: BC Master Production Agreement


A2804 Audition Fees
No fees are required for the first or second Audition of a Performer.  It is the intention of this Article to afford the opportunity for Performers to display their individual talents.

A2805 Audition Recall Fee
Where a Performer is required to attend a third (3rd) or subsequent Audition, the Producer shall compensate the Performer for expenses incurred by paying an amount not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) for each hour or part thereof.

A2806 Audition Delay Fees
A Performer who is detained by the Producer for more than one (1) hour commencing at the individual Performer’s Audition Call Time, shall be compensated for all excess time over the one (1) hour at the rate of thirty dollars ($30.00) per hour or part thereof.  If a Performer is more than ten (10) minutes late s/he will not be entitled to Audition delay fees.

What’s the number one reason you might not see the money?

You forget to fill out the sign-in form.  Make sure you Sign IN and Sign OUT.  Otherwise, there isn’t a record of the time spent at the audition and you will not be entitled to any compensation.

Are non-union members eligible?

Yes.  I admit I didn’t know about all of this until I first got a cheque by surprise.  But I have since made sure I kept my own record of my In and Out time for auditions because sometimes the money doesn’t always come.  When that happens, I ask my agent and/or the union to check on it.

Whatever you do, don’t call the Casting Director directly.  Always go through your agent first, and if necessary call the union.

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