Words Without Meaning Are Just Words

by Kenji Maeda on July 13, 2009

I remember back in the day when I first discovered what acting really meant to me and how words on paper are only words until there was meaning behind it.

I was checking out some upcoming Vancouver plays at The Next Stage Video Listings and I saw one which reminded me of that discovery I had once made.

The play is Macbeth, part of Carousel Theatre’s Teen Shakespeare Program and actors Emily Snee and Afshin Haidari were talking a bit about their experience and reasons why you should come watch the show.  But what really hit me was when Afshin was reflecting on the whole acting process:

You do Shakespeare in school and you sleep through it. It’s one of those things where when we came to actually acting it out, it turned out to be so much different than how it was when we were doing it with the English teacher. You’re no longer just reading it. You’re acting it out and the words are, sort-of, what you’re thinking. The way we have been able to convey those feelings — using those words as a channel to convey those feelings — now I understand those words so much better and I know that anyone who is going to be watching us is going to understand those words a lot better.

The video made me smile.  It made me want to watch the show (turns out it’s free).

As an actor, I love discovering and rediscovering the meaning behind the words in a script. And as an actor, I love it when I see other actors and non-actors have their own discoveries.

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