Casting Director, Candice Elzinga: How To Make A Good Impression

by Kenji Maeda on December 17, 2009

Found this great clip which Anastasia Bandey posted over on her Actorworks Vancouver site.

Vancouver Casting Director, Candice Elzinga answers a question asked of her: What can an actor do to stand out amongst others in an audition? Candice has a lot of experience in this industry having worked on more than 200 films or TV epsiodes, including 44 episodes of Andromeda, and 34 episodes of Jeremiah.

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little lord find yer fault January 4, 2010 at 12:24 am

An actor doesn’t always have access to a full script!! It is up to them to peace out the imperfections of the casting process with thier imaginations.

PattyC January 8, 2010 at 6:37 pm

Agreed, actors don’t always have access to a full script. But they all have to their life experiences to fill in the blanks, which is far more grounding and complete than imagination. And actors always, always have an opportunity when in the room, to ask. I have never asked for clarification and experienced anything but positive, collaborative feedback which also serves as an opportunity to further relationships with those present. Just make sure to ask a question that the answer for which, is not already provided within the sides or breakdown “.) Honestly, about half of my bookings are from callbacks when I asked for clarification. And sometimes after completely botching the first run based on an assumption.

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