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by Kenji Maeda on January 11, 2010

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Clearly the internet has had a huge affect on the film and TV industry all over the world. The distribution model has been updated, not because they wanted to, but because they had to.  The internet has also given the opportunity for smaller productions and creative professionals to be seen by a world-wide audience.  Monetizing video content hasn’t been perfected but it’s getting there… slowly.

We’ve mentioned other Vancouver-based web series on this blog in an effort to encourage you to think about the “Stop Waiting and Do Something” approach.  We have another webseries for you. Be inspired and do something about it. Other people are creating. Why aren’t you?

Here’s a brief description of The Vetala from their website:

A supernatural thriller about a hostile, yet conflicted spirit from the pages of Sanskrit mythology, and the succession of people it travels through.

Season One follows Lily Callahan and Alex Reed, two college reporters who have become targets of The Syndicate, an organized crime group responsible for the trafficking of illegal guns. Alex’s obsession with exposing the city’s gun trade places both Lily and him in harms way, giving rise to The Vetala.

Check out their first episode below and see the rest through their website:

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