Crazy8s Raises the Bar for Local Filmmakers

by Kenji Maeda on January 9, 2013

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The six teams who will soon be relatively sleepless on an 8-day production schedule have been announced.  Crazy8s, now in its 14th year, has helped put the spotlight on local emerging filmmakers to advance their careers, including Zach Lipovsky, whose 2005 Crazy8s film, Crazy Late, helped him secure a spot on the Steven Spielberg TV show “On The Lot,” where he placed in the top five out of 12,000 filmmakers.

“Crazy8s is truly the single best way in BC to launch your career,” said Lipovsky, who has since gone on to sell a script to Disney and direct the feature film Tasmanian Devils. “The constraints that Crazy8s puts on you as a filmmaker challenge you to create your best work with the least amount of resources and in the least amount of time. And then you’re guaranteed a huge audience at the end of it. What could be better?”

The similarities with Crazy8s and other film challenges that you might hear about end with the fact that there’s a short production schedule. Crazy8s projects get 8 days, while others may get 24 to 72 hours. One of the key aspects that bring such quality and exposure to filmmakers is that the competition is juried from beginning to end.

This year’s competition saw over 100 filmmaking teams submit a 5-minute video pitch. Of those, 40 were invited to an in-person pitch to a jury of industry professionals. 12 moved ahead to workshop their script with a professional story editor. And after a review of those scripts, the final six teams were chosen – each receiving $1,000 cash and thousands of dollars of in-kind production support to produce their script. This process inevitably brings the best of the bunch to the top and thus will be reflected in the quality of the final product.

Join Crazy8s at their Kickoff Party & Best of Crazy8s Screening on January 23 at the Rio Theatre. Free admission and doors open at 7:30pm. Meet this year’s filmmakers, others in the filmmaking community and  watch some of the past Crazy8s films.

The 2013 Gala Screening will take place at The Centre on Saturday, February 23 2013. Tickets are $25-$35 (depending if you buy your tickets early). Ticket and party details on their website,

Jury members this year included Zach Lipovsky, Kaare Andrews (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero), Dylan Akio Smith (Doppelganger Paul and The Cabin Movie), Sharon McGowan (filmmaker and Chair of the UBC Film Production Program), Julia Kwan (director of the Sundance Award winning feature film Eve and the Fire Horse).

Crazy8s 2013 Teams and Projects:

Matt Leaf (Director/Writer) and Victoria Angell (Producer)
In a dystopian near-future where controversy rages over the legitimacy of using memory-extraction technology on victims of violent crime, the race is on to decipher Phillip’s final memories. A science fiction short with a dark sarcastic edge, “Braindamage” imagines a future where our minds are no longer our own.

HH_teamHappy Homecoming
Nimisha Mukerji (Director); Orsy Szabó (Writer); Haydn Wazelle and Anand Raghavan (Producers)
Jodi’s mother passed away from cancer five years ago, and since then, her father has pretty well stopped living as well. Arriving unannounced on his doorstep one day, and with shattering news of her own to share, Jodi is determined they both make the most of the time left to them.

Ryan Haneman (Director/Writer); Christopher Lee (Writer); and Derek Green (Producer)
A quirk of evolution has caused men to begin having periods, and Peter cannot believe his misfortune. While trying to devise the perfect male hygiene product, he must simultaneously deal with unsympathetic doctors, a heartless girlfriend and overly emotional buddies. An unapologetic role-reversal comedy.

Sean Tyson (Director) and Patrick Currie (Writer/Producer)
Danny’s over Jake, but that doesn’t mean that Jake’s over Danny. Six months after their breakup, Jake finally gets the call he’s been waiting for – Danny needs him to come over. But when Jake discovers all his ex really needs is a dog-sitter, mayhem ensues. A dark comedy revenge action movie about kicking ass, letting go and moving on.

UTBOF_teamUnder the Bridge of Fear
Mackenzie Gray (Director/Writer)
In this homage to the great film noir thrillers of the 1940s and 50s, hard-boiled private eye Hamilton Drake is hired to chase down the rat who’s blackmailing rich dame Georgia Thurlow and her sultry movie star companion, Carrall Cordova. But in this sapphic underworld, nothing is ever black and white.

WISY_teamWhen I Saw You
Jane Hancock (Director/Writer); Nicholas Carella, Michelle Ouellet and Brie Lunn (Producers)
A playful riff on the value of human connection, “When I Saw You” gives voice to the “Missed Connections” ads written by people who wish they were brave enough to speak up and take chances. In a world of missed opportunities, mixed signals and the fear of appearing vulnerable, will anyone be bold enough to start the conversation?

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