The Importance of Equality

by Kenji Maeda on March 11, 2013

I’m sure as you probably knew last Friday was International Women’s Day, a day when we remember the fact that it’s the responsibility for all of us to advocate and show equal respect to women in our personal and professional lives.  The film & TV industry is one of those places where there is still so much more work to be done on every level of the creative process.

When it comes to any of these types of awareness campaigns, it’s so easy to pass over it without too much thought because you think you’ve heard it before. And maybe you have. I’m certainly guilty of doing that for various causes.  What I love the most is when the creative community comes together to make communicating the message more fun and interesting. The Save BC Film image that you see below is one example of making use of our creative talent to provide awareness.

Save BC Film
So I point you toward the Toronto ACTRA Women’s Committee that released a video on Friday with artists whom you may recognize from TV shows and various parts of our entertainment industry.  Take 3 minutes and 47 seconds out of your day and have a look and spread the video around.

“Share it now? But International Women’s Day was on Friday!” you may be thinking.

If that thought actually went through your mind, then you’ve proven the real need for this.

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